Monday, November 16, 2009

Thom Cat and Infinite Goliath in Kauai, Hawaii Film Fest + Thom Cat E-cards on YouTube!

Thom Cat in "Surfing the Net" (E-card for

Thom Cat in "Friends Forever" (E-card for

I am proud to announce that my cartoons “Thom Cat” and "The Infinite Goliath" (co-created with Erik Knutson) are part of the Los Angeles Children’s International Film Festival Best of Festival that was held this past weekend of November 13 to 15th on Kaua’i, Hawaii at the Kaua’i Pacific School! I am hoping that the exposure might help in one or both becoming a series or movie at some point!

I am also happy to announce that you can view my new “Thom Cat” e-cards on YouTube (above)! If you like them, please sign up an send them at!

–Mike (work site) (webcomic)

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jmanu said...

ha ha so funny!
like the personality of Thom