Monday, August 29, 2011

What, me Blog?

Wow, it has been over a year since I excuse, and it's a good one, is becoming a proud papa of a terrific baby daughter named Olivia!

I have spent all of my time since I found out I was finally becoming a Daddy (we had been trying for years with no luck and had thought we just weren't going to be parents, so little Olivia is a miracle baby in our eyes) do as much "work for hire" as I could get my hands on! I managed to keep up my 3x a week comic strip "Clumsy Love," but other than that my own work has taken a backseat to making sure my wife and daughter are taken care of. Now that things are more settled (Olivia just turned 10 months on Aug 20th) I am going to make a greater effort to blog consistently again and to pursue my own work more aggressively (my long-term wish is to become self-supporting through my comics and books)...thanks for stopping by, and if you used to come to this blog thank you for your patience!