Friday, September 16, 2011

"Astrocats" Artwork Donation for "Team in Training "

I am proud to have been asked to donate to the “Team in Training” Cancer Run, here is the drawing I donated that you can still buy raffle tickets to try and win and help a terrific cause (pen and ink with watercolor of the newly renamed “Astrocats” that I am still trying to get made into a vinyl toy, but more on that soon)... You can buy raffle tickets by clicking here!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Shepard Fairey Print Exhibition & Monterey Bay Aquarium Trip

Last weekend (Aug 26 to Aug 28) we made the trip to Monterey to visit the fantastic Monterey Bay Aquarium and to see the Shepard Fairey Print Exhibition in nearby Sand City, CA. If you want an artistically inspiring trip, I recommend going if you can before the exhibit ends in Sand City on September 30th and then catching the Great White Shark at the Aquarium that we just missed seeing on our trip (they put him in the Open Sea Exhibit just this past August 31st, and will most likely only have him a few months before releasing himback to the wild). We had a great time, it was my daughter Olivia's (10 1/2 months old) first trip to the ocean and to the aquarium and I got a lot of terrific reference videos and photos at the aquarium as well (the Sun Fish, Hammerhead shark, and Green Sea Turtle in the Open Sea exhibit and the Jellyfish in that same section were the highlights). Olivia loved everything at the aquarium, but her highlights were the Green Sea Turtle (which she was mesmerized watching him cross the entire front glass of the Open Sea tank) and poking people in the neck in front of the Otter exhibit (during feeding time Olivia was much more interested in meeting the people next to her than watching the Otters, and what better way to call their attention to herself than to poke them in the neck with her tiny baby index finger)?