Friday, December 12, 2008

Air Dates for "Thom Cat" and "The Infinite Goliath!"

Nickelodeon has finally released the air dates for my two animated cartoon pilots, “Thom Cat” and “The Infinite Goliath” which will air as part of the “Random Cartoons” show on Nicktoons in January! “The Infinite Goliath” premieres on “Random Cartoons” Saturday Jan 17, 2009 (West Coast 10:30 a.m., East Coast 1:30 p.m.) and “Thom Cat” premieres on “Random Cartoons” Saturday Jan 31 2009 (West Coast 10:30 a.m., East Coast 1:30 p.m.). You can see more about both cartoons at my website:!

“Thom Cat” synopsis (created & written by Mike Gray):
Thom G. Cat is a genius inventor, a brilliant scientist, and a fashion trendsetter…not bad for a cat! The smartest cat in the world that is! Thom Cat makes his animated screen debut dealing with a young bully...who will never, ever pick on little girls again after enduring Thom’s unique form of justice!

“The Infinite Goliath” synopsis (co-created with Erik Knutson, written & directed by Mike Gray):
Infinite Goliath is the most dangerous villain in the universe, who has been paroled (after spending 30 years in the Quartz Nebula) and forced to live in suburban America as a model citizen. Essentially a 'super villain in recovery,' he has to try and live his life without destroying people, places, or things... or risk a return to the Nebula!

Please let me know what you think of the cartoons if you get a chance ot see them (use your DVR or TIVO!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ape Escape Trailer!

A terrific new trailer for the "Ape Escape" cartoon series I worked on (as Head Writer/Script Editor) can be seen at the link below, you must check it out!!:

I can't wait for Nicktoons to announce a date for the series to soon as I know, I will be sure to post!