Friday, July 20, 2012

Comic-Con 2012, Part Two!

Montage of some of the sketchcards I did over the weekend!

I have been to many San Diego Comic-con's over the years, but since this was the first time I actually had a table there it felt pretty special (although I was really going through "baby withdrawal" since at 5 days it was the longest I had been away from my 20 month old daughter since she was born).  I met a lot of great people and I am thankful for everyone that stopped by and took a chance on my book or on some of my artwork, there are many great artists and booths at SDCC so it is a big deal when someone chooses to spend some of their time looking at you work!  I can't wait for next year and already put in for an Artist's Alley table again (I really hope to be in the same spot with Ron and Ryan again, but it is never an easy thing to get placed by people you request so I can only remain hopeful).  I may do a third post to go over some of the great things I bought or received while at Comic-con as well...such an inspiring place, I hope to see you there next year (or at APE con in SF later this year)!

A drawing I did of the Hulk getting angry attempting to text with his fat fingers, luckily an aspiring comedian named Becky took a liking to it and bought it from me :)

 One of my favorite commissions, yes the girl who asked for it had a dog named Thor (I drew this from a photo of him) who ran around the house with a foam Mjolnir and a cape)!

Caricatures of the costumes that these two con-goers made themselves!

A fun commission for two friends who love Freakazoid.

Caricatures of kids asked for by a nice Dad who missed them.  I forgot to take a photo of the color version.
Two great kids who went and grabbed me two foam spider-man hands for my daughter Olivia (below), so I let them choose some artwork for their trouble...Olivia went nuts when she saw them and makes her spider shooter sfx when she wears them!

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