Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Comic-Con 2012, Part One!

Commission for a cool kid who loved Nova, so much fun to do!

The San Diego Comic-con was terrific, and I had a great time selling for the first time in Artist's Alley!  I was lucky to sit next to two great artists in Ron Lim and Ryan Odagawa who were also great to hang out with.  And I was able to sell a ton of my first book collection of "Clumsy Love" which I hope will translate into more continued readers!  It was also great to do drawings for donations to the Cartoon Art Museum again with my brother Doug on Saturday night, I love that place!

My set-up at BB-20 in Artist's Alley.

With Sergio Aragones!  He said he would give me a blurb for the back of my next "Clumsy Love" book whenever that one is made...amazing!!

With my friend the great John Watkins-Chow!

 "Shaka Spiderman" commission

 Daredevil blank cover commission

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