Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Bug Eyes" and a Renewed Commitment to Blog!

Last week I managed to accidentally spray bug spray into both of my eyes (the sprayer malfunctioned and sprayed up and back)...and of course I wasn't wearing goggles. After a trip to the ER and a visit to an eye specialist, I am finally on the mend. It was a terrifying experience not knowing if I managed to blind myself in such a stupid way and would no longer be able to see my daughter let alone work as an artist (as it turns out, according to my eye specialist, only Draino can and will blind you and there is nothing you can do about it, so wear goggles with that for sure...the pain with bug spray was pretty terrible, so I myself will be wearing no less than a suit of armor when dealing with household chemicals from now on. Anyway, not being able to do my comic strip or any drawing made me realize how important it is too me and how I have been neglecting my art in general, and definitely not giving any time to this blog. I am making a commitment starting today to blog here three times a week if not more to (1) motivate myself to create more new work to have something to talk about, (2) promote the work I have been doing that I often never promote because I allow myself to be "too tired," and (3) to talk and share the things that make me excited to be an artist. PS: I will have a 1/2 table in Artist's Aley at the San Diego Comic-Con this year on July 11-15th, something I have not promoted yet, I hope to see you there! --Mike Gray www.pencilforhire.com www.clumsylove.net

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