Tuesday, July 29, 2008

“Thom Cat” at San Diego International Children’s Film Fest, Cartoon Art Museum, and NCS Booth at Comic-Con!

The above photos were taken at the San Diego International Children's Film Festival held at the San Diego Comic-con on Sunday July 27th during the 12:30-1:30pm screening of "Thom Cat!" Audience reaction to "Thom Cat" was (thankfully) great, and the Q&A following the screening was a lot of fun! Thanks so much to Dan Bennett who put together the festival, and made it such a wonderful experience for all involved!

After the screening, I was at the NCS (National Cartoonist's Society) booth from 2pm to 3pm signing and doing free sketches for people who saw "Thom Cat," and those who were just walking by and seeing it for the first time on my portable DVD player! I am sitting next to "Archie" artist Craig Boldman (pictured), and on the other side was Nancy Berg, daughter of the Mad Magazine great, Dave Berg (I bought an original page from her of Dave's while I was there, and it is a hilarious comic!). Special thanks to Phil Pyster for setting up my time at the booth, it was great to be a part of NCS at Comic-con and to promote "Thom Cat!"

On Saturday July 26th, from 12 noon to 1pm, my brother Doug and I were doing sketches for donations to the Cartoon Art Museum (pictured at their booth). If you get a chance, and are in SF, you must stop by there! We raised some money for the museum, and was able to promote "Thom Cat" in the process. Special thanks to Andrew Farago and Summerlea Kashar of the Cartoon Art Museum for making it all happen, I can't wait to help out again next year!
--Mike Gray

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